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Reproducibility and Open Science Working Group

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Badges for Reproducibility and Open Science

ROS Badge

This page gives a brief summary of work in progress on a project to develop a badge that can be earned by following some of the current best practices in the field, such as the Guidelines we are developing.




Some description of the initial conception can be found on this GitHub wiki page with discussion on this issue.

A first pass at a badge submission form was created using Google forms during a Mozilla Code Sprint in June, 2015, along with a description and point system. A shinyapp was also created to present the information submitted in a form others can browse, but the data submitted is no longer in the system.

This submission form was tested out both among eScience researchers and with some volunteers from NYU and Berkeley at the 2015 Moore/Sloan Data Science Environments Summit. The consensus was that the form was cumbersome and required too much pasting of data from elsewhere.

Subsequent discussions led to various ideas that have not yet been implemented: