SeaFlow is a novel continuous flow cytometer that can measure the types and abundances of photosynthetic microbial populations in the ocean.

This dashboard allows monitoring of SeaFlow data from land in near real-time when SeaFlow is deployed remotely on research ships. Data are automatically processed on board the ship in three minute intervals using Popcycle, a software program created for processing SeaFlow data. Data are managed using SQLShare and visualization is created with D3. For performance issues, only the previous 24 hours of data are displayed in the dashboard.

This dashboard project is a collaboration betweeen UW School of Oceanography and eScience, bringing together experts in microbial ecology, engineering, and data science. It is sponsored by US National Science Foundation (award 1064505), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Microsoft Research, and the Simons Foundation.

Select a time range on the light intensity plot below

Abundances (top panel) and Forward scatter (bottom panel), a proxy of cell size, of Prochlorococcus , Synechococcus, Picoeukayotes, and reference calibration beads over time. Click on the name of the population to unselect it.