Data science is becoming increasingly important for students and researchers in STEM fields. The HSI STEM Hub in collaboration with the West Big Data Hub is offering a two-day workshop for STEM faculty at Hispanic-Serving Institutions of higher education in the West Region of the United States who would like to incorporate data science into their curriculum.
The two-day workshop, held at the University of Washington eScience Institute in Seattle will provide an overview of data science methods, tools and approaches for incorporating data science in the STEM curriculum. See goals below.

Goals of the workshop

Data science ideas

Participants will learn new ways that data science can be integrated into their curriculum.

Data science training

Participants will use techniques and tools for teaching data science.

Data science tools

Participants will gain experience in teaching using approaches such as live coding, use of computational notebooks, version control, etc.

Community engagement

Participants will learn about applications of data science in community engagement (e.g., Data Science for Social Good).


Participants will incorporate ethics considerations into use of data science tools and methods.


Participants will collaboratively develop concepts for further joint work.


To participate, please complete an application by midnight PST on August 4th

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Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule