Perusing Cruising: A Suggestion for Congestion


Congestion is troublesome in Seattle
Getting downtown is such a battle
So our team’s going to do some fun math
To understand the circling path

Of people trying to find parking spots
Without paying the price of private lots
We have anonymized data of traffic flow:
An aggregated view of where people go

First, we’re building a graph of the city
Using Leaflet.js to make it pretty
We’re using some cool ML techniques
Bringing out our inner python geeks

Last week we went and visited first hand
Our stakeholders and got the lay of the land
After our field trip to the D-O-T
Our vision is strengthened, we all can agree

For now we are working on our database
RethinkDB is perfect for the case
We’re continuing to expand our skillset
Getting work done, don’t you fret.