Sample Budgets: Geo Hack Week

Geo Hack Week was offered from 2016-2019. It only considered direct costs in the budget. A few organizers had core salary support via their affiliation with the eScience institute, but the remainder of organizers volunteered their time.

The University of Washington's eScience Institute provided base funding for the event each year. We acquired additional funds from partners at the University of Washington, including the department of Applied Mathematics, UW IT, the Applied Physics Lab, and the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. We also had support from several industry partners including The Climate Corporation and Gigantum. Finally, we charged at $75 - 100 registration fee per participant.

General bugdet

Expenditure Cost
Cloud computing fees $1,000 / day
Room reservation $ 560 / day
Lunch meal cards $70 / participant
Snacks/coffee breaks $55 / day / participant
International travel support $600 / participant for 2 participants
Domestic travel support $300 / participant for 6 participants
Instructor lodging $600 / instructor
Miscellaneous (badges, cleaning, IT support, etc) $300
Total Expenses (estimate) $20,000