Whereas the code of conduct and norms of behavior establish the initial conditions for a positive learning experience, regular check-ins help to sustain those conditions across the duration of the event. It is a common misconception among organizers that setting intentions around the learning environment on day one is sufficient. People have a tendancy to forget things, and conflicts may arise several days into the event in ways people might never have imagined on day one.

Project Check-ins

It is a good idea to have regular check-ins with project teams in an effort to identify challenges before they become problematic, as well as to share any achievements and successes so far. The check-ins can be quite short, for example a 5-10 minute stand-up meeting where each team is asked to share one success and one challenge in their project so far. This is reported out to the full group in the hopes that other teams might be able to offer advice or resources in an area where a team might be stuck.