Welcoming Participants

The first day of the hackweek is often stressful for participants, as they might not know what to expect and are feeling anxious. It helps if organizers can minimize any barriers for people around logistics and getting settled, so as to help alleviate some of these stresses.

Finding the Location

On the day of the event, it helps to put up signs directing people to your room.

Welcome Table

We often set up a welcome table set up attended by one or two people (for example, the Logistics coordinator and one other person who isn’t a part of the opening remarks). This is a great time to check off names of people who have arrived, give out name tags and/or meal cards, and collect signed media release forms of your organization if you are taking photos/videos and note which participants do not want to be photographed. Regarding name tags, it helps to have these prepared in advance. You might also want to offer participants a way to identify their preferred pronoun, for example using a sticker that can be added to their name tag.