Committee Structure

Planning a hack week can be extremely challenging. These events are inherently designed to explore complex social, cultural and technical aspects of the data science landscape. By design there are often many different people involved in event planning, each having different perspectives. Often event planning conversations happen within bureaucratic academic structures that might not be set up to contain the more fluid and dynamic organizational tools needed to navigate complex systems.

Past Challenges

It is useful to articulate some of the challenges we have faced in the past with organizing hack weeks, with the intention of finding new and more efficint ways to operate in the future. Some points of friction have included:

Developing a new leadership model

We encourage every organizing committee to have frank, open discussions about how they wish to interact in their planning of the event. Rather than instituting a formal organizational structure, here we try to construct a series of commitments made between members of the organizing committee.

Hack Week Organizers List of Commitments

As planners of this hack week, we recognize and acknowledge that: