Satellite Image Analysis Reference Guide


Satellite imagery is new to me, where can I start learning about it? newcomers earth observation-guide

I’d like information about a particular satellite mission!

I’d like to search for and download free satellite imagery for an area of interest!

I’d like to access high-resolution, high-temporal sampling proprietary imagery!

I’d like to work with satellite imagery on commercial cloud computing infrastructure!

I’m a student looking for scholarships for data access

I would like some metadata:

Geospatial Spatial Processing


Graphical GIS programs

Command line programs

Python Tools

Preprocessing Tools:

Simple unsupervised cloud removal from RGB images: Cloud Removal Notebook

Large scale image manipulation, cloud computing


Example Notebooks

Visualization & Mapping

Python Tools

Example Notebooks

Image Processing

Example Notebooks

Machine Learning

Premiliminary Questions:

Learning about different computer vision tasks:

Geohackweek Machine Learning Tutorial

List of Deep Learning Resources for Satellite Imagery

Tensorflow Examples

Object Detection Demo

Models Pretrained on Satellite Imagery:


Semantic Segmentation:

Other Data Science Tutorials

eScience Institute Tutorials