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Reproducibility and Open Science Working Group

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Overview and Index

The UW eScience Reproducibility and Open Science Working Group meets regularly and hosts seminars to discuss the issues and practices around tools and practices to enhance data sharing, preservation, provenance, and reproducibility. We are collaborating with working groups at NYU and Berkeley, also funded by the Moore/Sloan Data Science Environment project.

We consider better instrumentation of tools in support of sharing and reproducibility, the design of repositories for collecting reproducible experiments, techniques to query and analyze shared data and workflows to facilitate re-use. Open science is closely related to reproducibility, sharing needs in both technological and software advances as well as in changes to the research culture. However, reproducible research need not be completely open and there are cases where it will not be due to privacy issues, proprietary data, or reluctance on the part of scientists to share software that has taken years to develop or data that was hard to acquire.

Reproducibility starts at the level of individual scientists or groups of collaborators being able to reproduce and build upon their own work, as well as to later verify its correctness if necessary. Open science is a vision to work towards broader sharing that typically requires and facilitates reproducibility.

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