We are exceedingly grateful to Michael Tanana, Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, for running our data through his motivational interviewing machine learning algorithm to develop MI tags for our analysis.

We would also like to thank Ashish Sharma for fielding a few technical questions about our data, and Vaughn Iverson and Ariel Rokem for assisting us with troubleshooting technical issues.

We also wish to acknowledge Charisse Williams for providing valuable information on when platforms such as these may be harmful/helpful and placing them within the larger context of mental health care. We also wish to thank Chris Steckler and Ann Nykamp for sharing their experience as crisis volunteers.

Lastly, we wouldn’t be here if not for the DSSG program at the University of Washington. We are grateful for our team leads, Tim Althoff and Dave Atkins, and our data scientist Valentina Staneva. We would like to sincerely thank them for creating this project and providing us with our data and a 3 TB machine to work on; for sharing their support, connections, and expertise; and for putting up with our general angst.