Introduction to SQL and Geospatial Data Processing

These lessons are based on the templates used in Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry workshops.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
09:00 Initial Exercise What tools would you use to solve some typical data queries?
09:15 Introduction to Databases What is a database?
How are data structured within a database?
What are the advantages of working with data in a database?
09:30 Database Connection How do I connect to a cloud-based relational database?
09:45 SQL Queries How do I extract information from a table in a database?
How can I create summary statistics of a data set?
How can I combine information from several tables?
10:45 Geospatial Queries What are the various ways that we can represent geospatial information?
How does a database store spatial information?
11:30 Mapping How do I plot the results of spatial queries on a map?
12:00 Scripting database connections in Python/R How do we issue database queries from a Python or R script?
12:30 Advanced Geospatial Queries
13:30 Finish